Are you a pack mule when traveling?

I have a great “gadget-related” advice!

We all know the scenario: You have to hit the road for some reason, staying away from home. This means that you’ll need to pack your bags: You’ll need to bring your music, (maybe even scores you need to study), a small portable keyboard, books, dictionaries, etc. Oh, and yes: of course some clothes, a galladress perhaps, shoes, hair and makeup products…….*SIGH*

I might be the only one, but I hate that I have to bring a donkey-cart with stuff everywhere I go. Even for smaller trips I would like to carry as little as possible!

So what is the best investment?
An iPad.

No, I’m not working for Apple, (that would mean I had a steady and probably awesome income, and I don’t), but seriously: It has made my life SO much easier when it comes to traveling. In more than one way.

Here’s a word for you,
get familiar with it if you aren’t: APPS (application software)

These (often free!) amazing little programs are your best friends. But first you need to buy yourself an iPad. Yep, it’s worth it. Then you go to app store and have a look. But to help you a bit on your way I will now share mine!

So, what can you do with your iPad?

  • Scan your repertoire (standard audition arias etc) and add them as pdf-files and you’ll always have them available. (It doesn’t use up your storage, and there is almost no limit if you buy a 64GB iPad) This might take some time, depending on your scanner. But I found it really helpful!
  • Download Virtuoso Piano (an app to get a free keyboard, to find your notes when you don’t have a piano available).
  • iBooks. Buy (or download some free) books, libretti, etc on iBooks, (you can download the iBooks-app for free in app-store).
  • iTunes. You can buy movies, series etc from iTunes, to watch whenever you like. (NB! Some countries haven’t opened up for movie-purchases yet).
  • Metronome. Always be on time. Download a free metronome in app-store.
  • Spotify. Free (and premium) service. You’ll have a wonderful music-library. If you pay monthly you can have your lists with you everywhere. (Also off line. You’ll find the spotify-app in app-store, and can also download it to your smartphone).
  • Comics. You can also download cartoons via app-store. For example Doctor who
  • Games! Kill time with puzzles, yatzy, wordfeud, angry birds, Harry Potter, solve mysteries, etc. (Tons of freebies!) I love games from: “Big Fish


So plan ahead & fill up your iPad and never have a dull moment when traveling again.

It’s kind of easy. You are about to travel on tour; Which pile do you want to carry around?

This one or the one below?

I hope that this post was inspiring or helpful. If you have any great app’s to share please feel free to write us!

We will do our very best to answer all comments & questions!

UPDATE! Funny enough another article was brought to our attention today, about iPad and musicians!
Take a look at New York Times!

“If Mozart could have used an iPad, he would have done it”