Fach me!

Ever wonder what roles would be great for your voice?

This site will ask you to write in a few operatic roles which you feel are perfect for your voicetype/range/tessitura, and then gives you a list with similar roles to study. A fun, easy way to get some inspiration of what to learn!

We have a plan to write something about FACH’s later on. But we also ask our readers to suggest what topics they would like to know more about. (Or perhaps you have something you’d like to share?) Please do not hesitate to contact us!


2 comments on “Fach me!

  1. Thanks for mentioning my project FachMe.com! I’m glad it’s giving people something to think about. That’s exactly what I set out to have it do.

    Thanks again for the exposure!

  2. Caffarelli says:

    No problem! Great site, keep up the good work! If you ever want to be a guestblogger and write about opera/singing/advice/funny stories/opinopns etc, please feel free to contact us!

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