*Beats the conducting baton on the music stand*


It makes us happy to see that you have found your way to the very first post of our new blog; Tessitura.
Meaning: the ‘best’ or most comfortable pitch range, of course talking about singing.

We would like this blog to be a tool, a place for you to find (and maybe share?) some advice on topics related to the art (and life!) of singing.

As a singer you know that the voice often seems to live it’s own life, being prone to illness and sometimes being plain moody! Taking an unannounced holiday without telling you where it went or when it will be back. But there are lots of advice out there! We want to collect and share the experience on some of the uncertainties you can run into as a singer. For example; vocal health, vocal fachs, traveling & audition advice, general health/nutrition, music resources online, great books/biographies, where to find translations, polls, helpful and inspiring quotes, etc.

NB! We always recommend you to seek professional medical help or/and singing teacher if you have severe trouble with your voice.  Only use this as general advice.

We also want this to be a fun place, so watch out for silly music-related jokes, pictures and videos who hopefully brings a smile to your face!


Want to share something with us?
Did your teacher give you an amazing advice?
Do you think there is something in; “do not to eat before singing?”
Do you know of any fantastic online music resources?

Please share with us!
Use the email if you want to have it posted or comment on an existing thread.