Classical music (Flash Mob – Scandinavian style!)

Posting this to bring you a smile!

Imagine you are on your way to work early one morning, you just managed to stumble your way to the metro and suddenly a single flute starts playing a familiar melody, you turn around and suddenly a whole orchestra joins in, and Edvard Grieg’s beautiful “morning mood” fills the wagon. Wouldn’t this bring a smile to your day?

This is what happened in Copenhagen metro in April. Thank you Copenhagen Philharmonic!



Shouldn’t you be fatter? (and other opera singer myths)

A great article about being an opera singer, but more importantly about exposure of opera. (Or the the lack of…)

Food for thought and action?

” Shouldn’t you be fatter?” (and other opera singer myths) 

Written by Jennifer Rivera, please keep blogging: We like what we hear!