Classical music (Flash Mob – Scandinavian style!)

Posting this to bring you a smile!

Imagine you are on your way to work early one morning, you just managed to stumble your way to the metro and suddenly a single flute starts playing a familiar melody, you turn around and suddenly a whole orchestra joins in, and Edvard Grieg’s beautiful “morning mood” fills the wagon. Wouldn’t this bring a smile to your day?

This is what happened in Copenhagen metro in April. Thank you Copenhagen Philharmonic!



Sh*t opera singers say

Today we want to make you smile!

These videos will make you giggle in recognition!
We hope they will brighten your day, even if you feel guilty of saying it often yourself!


Do you feel they forgot some of the s*** we singers say? Please share them with us, write a comment and make us see some of the weird things we do or force others to listen to! (Or even better: Make a video-reply on youtube?)